The Process

Your Onsite Consultation

Schedule a convenient time for an onsite visit or stop into our office. Afternoon and evening hours are available to accommodate your busy schedule. We offer flexible days and times for visits, estimates, templates, installations and restoration services.

Calculate Your Square Footage

Click here to calculate the square footage of each area. Submit your drawings to our staff via fax, email or mail and we'll expedite your quotes. Don't forget to specify the quantity and types of cuts such as; 01 kitchen sink, 01 under mount (kitchen), cook top, 02 vanity sinks, 02 under mount vanity sinks etc.

Yard Visits

Our many stone yards are full of natural and engineered stone slabs in a wide assortment of color and pattern. Bring your plans and samples: tiles, paints, cabinets. We'll assist you with selection based on colors, visions, individual style and value. View the vast inventory of natural and engineered materials. You'll receive a detailed estimate based on your selection.

Edge Profile Selection

Now that you've made your selection of stone, choose any one of our premium and standard edge profiles. Edge profiles add the finishing touch of elegance to your new surface. Mix, match and wow your guest with detail! Try our Ogee Bull edge profile on your main countertops and our Bull nose edge profile on your island! Maybe, our Ogee edge profile backsplash with Ogee edge profiled countertops – a must have design. Click here to view our edge profiles.


A template and fitting service is provided by us for your convenience. Dates for templates would be arranged by us at the time of your order confirmation. Experience template techs visit your project and confirm the details of your projects. All supporting structures should be secured in their final place(s). Sinks, faucets and appliances are requested onsite, prior to your template appointment. Avoiding these requirements could delay your installation.


Granite fabrication is a specialized trade that requires extensive training and practice in order to produce high-quality results - not to mention the expensive diamond tooling and equipment. The slab of granite will be precisely cut with a diamond tip saw to fit the templates. Our fabricators and installers have many years of training and experience. Safe handling is another concern that you need not worry about when purchasing from Five Star Granite & Marble. When working with solid surfaces, small errors can be VERY costly - you can easily exceed the cost of our installed prices with just one small mistake. We guarantee professional results from the initial design through fabrication and final installation.


Upon completion of fabrication, our crew will return to install your countertops and/or solid surfaces. The expertise required for installing granite countertops requires that this be one job left to the professional, Five Star Granite & Marble. Our team notes positioning of electrical outlets, sinks, faucets, as the thickness of the granite may alter some of the process for re-installation of these items. Installers make adjustments for setting a cook top and re-securing the dishwasher stabilizer brackets without causing harm to the newly laid granite countertop. If applicable, all jointing seams are polished and the edge will be treated to create a smooth, attractive perimeter. Our crew will apply a penetrating sealer and polish the surface to a smooth reflective finish.

Our routine Final Inspections ensures your satisfaction. When properly installed, granite countertops are a beautiful and valuable addition to any home kitchen.

Caring For Your Solid Surfaces

Five Star ensures proper care of your new surfaces. Click here for your complete guide to our most popular natural stone surfaces.